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Welcome to my home page!  I am a science, math and business applications research consultant and entrepreneurial software systems technologist and executive for machine learning, biotech, digital infrastructures, logistics, business intelligence, services and related products.  In addition to my private SJK Research consulting services, the average mid-stage startup corporate valuation and initial capital investment in which I am the leading technical resource is about $150 million and $50 million USD, respectively.  Most recently I was Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Development and Engineering at Pathway Genomics, and have ongoing independent experimental work in various kinds of cool, fun and perhaps lucrative research and other science, math and software projects when not flying as a private pilot.  I was also chief executive of Plus One Flyers and Rassavong Scholarship Foundation, am Executive VP of Mersenne Research and a board director of all three organizations.

I am humbled and surprised with the amount of popular interest in my work!  Thanks to all of you who gently pinged me to get this site rolling.

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Last updated January 2016