Entropia Netscape Class 2 Certificate 

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Netscape Digital ID Export / Microsoft IE 4.0 Import Procedure

Currently, only Netscape can generate a S/MIME certificate with our service, but the certificate, once made, can be installed into Netscape, exported as a p12 file (PKCS12 format), then imported into Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.  Once installed, it can be used for secure communications by both Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape.

1. In Netscape, click Security, then under Certificates, click Yours.

2. Select the Entropia Class 2 Digital ID certificate you want to export, then click Export. You will be prompted to provide a password to protect the exported certificate file.

3. Choose a p12 file name for your exported certificate, and save the file.

4. In Microsoft IE 4.0, select View, Internet Options..., and click the Content tab.

5. Click the Certificates Personal button. When the Client Authentication window appears, click Import...

6. Select 'Use the one in the file', then provide the same password you used to protect the exported certificate in Netscape.

7. Browse to find the saved exported certificate (p12) file, then click OK.


*Entropia Internet Certificate Authority is a free public test of Netscape, Microsoft and RSA cryptographic technology.
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