Sequel to Enchanter
Infocom's 1984 INTERLOGIC Classic Interactive Text Adventure

A notepad to sketch maps and record items, magic spells, etc. is often helpful.

To start a new game, enter a new unique Game ID and enter 'Start Game' as your first move.
To resume a previous game, enter 'look' with an existing unique Game ID.

Enter your game move here:

Unique Game ID    
Bloodworm white, gray, black, red, gray   Kobold red, purple, black, purple, red
Brogmoid red, purple, red, black, purple   Nabiz purple, black, black, black, red
Dorn gray, purple, black, gray, white   Orc red, gray, purple, gray, red
Dryad black, gray, white, red, red   Rotgrub gray, red, gray, purple, red
Grue black, black, red, black, purple   Surmin black, black, purple, red, purple
Hellhound purple, white, gray, red, gray   Yipple gray, purple, white, purple, black




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